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Eco Hosting

Did you know the internet creates more carbon than the airline industry?

We help you to reduce your carbon footprint, by making sure your website hosting platform is green and clean.

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We are so proud of our speed and reliability we offer a trial month. Come and try us out, we promise you will be delighted.  Don’t take our word, check out what our customers have to say.

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The Internet as an industry produces more carbon than the airplane industry. Every time you send an email or visit a website you are using electricity, right! The cat video’s are funny, but they have to be stored somewhere.

You can reduce your own environmental impact by lessening the environmental impact of the hosting service you use, this is a really good first step, to helping clean up the Internet.

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Carbon Neutral Web hosting powered by renewable energy.

Our servers are cooled with free cooling.

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How It Works

Step 1

Eco website hosting with green energy
After deciding that reducing your carbon hosting footprint and a local eco hosting service, is an amazing idea you can Choose a package.

There is a range that should suit your budget that are all fast and reliable. We also have a charity rate.

Step 2

Eco hosting in Somerset with green energy

After we get the order we will get in touch to arrange a time to set up your site.

We are a friendly local business and customer service is top of our priorities.

Step 3

Eco hosting in from with green energy
We can help you with moving your existing WordPress site or can make a recommendation for sustainable web designers that will help build a brand spanking new website or redesign your existing site.

Before you know it, your website will be running on green energy and natural cooling, no airconditioners needed.


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What People Are Saying 

About Frome Green Websites

“You can host your website on an eco host and help keep our planet clean, even when we are online”

Dawn Denton

African Gift Collection.

“Frome Green Websites offers sustainable hosting with carbon offsetting, we had no idea that the internet had such a large carbon footprint and are so pleased to have found a hosting company that reflects our values.”

Charlotte Pidgeon

Frome Interior

Frome Green Website 

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